Rapid Prototyping & Manufacture

Having built up close working relationships with some of the best casting companies in the UK, in conjunction with our own CNC milling and rapid prototyping capabilities, we are able to produce almost anything!

With access to both additive and subtractive manufacture, our wax rapid prototyping machines are able to produce highly complex and intricate parts at a number of different resolutions to an extremely high standard of quality.

The Advantages

One of the main advantages of the machines we use at Wax-Masters is that the wax we print and mill in, is directly castable. This means that the actual parts we create can then be directly reproduced in metal via the lost wax casting process, without any intermediate steps.

When producing the wax parts, our builds and manufacturing processes don’t require any tricky or complicated support structures. This is a real bonus in comparison with many other 3D Rapid Prototyping machines and bureaus, as many require the use of structural build supports.

For our clients, not having to worry about removing precariously placed support columns on very delicate intricate models is invaluable. This not only helps improve the overall surface quality of the waxes, but helps prevent accidental breakages and costs in the long run.

So Why Choose Us?

Wax-Masters Services:

Wax-Masters offer a full range of services throughout development and production. We are happy to work on any portion of this process to suit our client’s needs. We can handle the full project from sketch to finished item or undertake individual services of 3D Modelling, Visualisation, 3D Printing…etc.