CAD Design

At Wax-Masters we offer a freelance CAD design service, able to take on any challenge from technical 2D & 3D drawings, to 3D files suitable for CNC manufacture or rapid prototyping. Whether you are a small or large company or an individual, Wax-Masters’ skilled staff has the expertise to take on any challenge and deliver what you want, with the due care, time and attention necessary.

We also offer a 3D rendering service, where either existing 3D files or newly created ones can be rendered to photorealistic quality to illustrate a design or product in situ. Renders for graphic use in brochures, catalogues, company documents or stationary are other areas we specialise in.

In addition to specialising in the design and production of jewellery and silverware, we also produce bespoke product and architectural 3D CAD and visualisation work.

Wax-Masters Services:

Wax-Masters offer a full range of services throughout development and production. We are happy to work on any portion of this process to suit our client’s needs. We can handle the full project from sketch to finished item or undertake individual services of 3D Modelling, Visualisation, 3D Printing…etc.